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News items regarding exhibitions, publications, opportunities relevant to the art work of Marcus Vincent.


Spaces: Jarvis Rice Vincent

Three person exhibition at the of the Utah Division of Arts & Museums' Rio Gallery in Salt Lake City Utah. Spaces: Jarvis Rice Vincent, July 18 – August 22, 2014. Featured new works by Holly Jarvis (Weber State University), Andrew Rice (University of Utah), and Marcus Vincent (BYU, University of Utah, UVU).


"In the show Spaces artists Holly Jarvis, Andrew Rice, and Marcus Vincent investigate the collective need for the spaces we construct, inhabit, interact with and define ourselves by. We are all interconnected and a part of a larger collective, or as John Donne describes in his enduring poem, No Man Is an Island, ‘a piece of the continent.’ From personal spaces to larger, family and community spaces, it is paramount to our survival both individually and as a larger group. These spaces can provide protection or guidance, but also can create isolation by inhibiting access. Each artist is addressing these issues through various mediums, which create a dynamic show of diverse aesthetics.

Through drawing, painting, collage and digital materials, Holly Jarvis’ works illustrate a wandering, rambling mental landscape. These scenes can become interiors; they are deconstructed and spaces become void. Collaged materials shape into ambiguous, organic systems that dominate each work, ultimately resting on fields of color or emptiness.

Andrew Rice’s works on paper bridge the gap between drawing and painting. Using oil sticks, he approaches the pieces as a printmaker, working in multiple layers over each other. The end result is thick, heavy and dimensional on the paper. The physicality of the works for this show reflect the same banal urban landscapes loosely depicted- layers and layers built on top of each other, starting flat and changing over time with every added layer. 

The work of Marcus Vincent has been influenced by an almost instinctual response to spaces both in the material world but also from those private interior spaces we each inhabit. The works originate in an intuitive color scenario that is punctuated by later found structural forms that serve as space definers in one sense, and harken to architectural forms in another. Working largely in water-based media, the unpredictability and spontaneity of the medium facilitates an organic, loosely controlled impression, sopping the canvas with various viscosities of acrylic paints and pigment".

Residency at Robert Stuart Studio

Engaging a studio on the Beverly Street Studio building in Staunton, Virginia where Stuart occupies two studios, Vincent spent several weeks in the summer of 2013 residing with the Stuarts and developing a new body of acrylic and pigment works on paper. These works led to successful application to and inclusion in other exhibit opportunities.

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